Leader speaks…

Knowing and understanding a company’s processes, controls, positions duties, and market trends can lead the students to be successful in an industry and is
crucial to their career development.

AMSSOI invites the entrepreneurs or Industry top leaders or influential figures within a particular industry, who can share their experience, and expertise with
the students as a part of this Leader speaks series.

Dr.Rukmini Rao
Executive Director,                              Gramya Resource centre
Ms.Sailaja Vissamsetti
Founder, Sahaja Foundation
Ms Tanuja Abburi
Founder, Beyond Pinks Diversity Thought Leader
Mr Thota Ramesh,
Counselling Psychologist
      Senior most Counselling Psychologist, Counsellor, Life Skill Coach and Motivational Speaker
Mr. Jag Vootkur,
Co-founder,CEO of Kudoswall